Dyslexia Test

One of the most important factors for helping children with dyslexia is diagnosing the exact type of problem.

There are varieties of learning problems and dyslexia is simply one of them but unfortunately the similarity and variety of learning problems is a big reason to dull and wrong diagnosis. The first step is getting right test and checking properly and after finding the exact type, level and depth of learning problem the next step which is starting education for helping the child is coming up.
Usually in classic methods applying tiresome, not proper and boring tests which take long period of times are used and cause of not appropriate tests the outcome is not trusted and education is not successful as well. Therefore in modern view, usage of polyhedral and multilevel tests which are based on observing (both theoretically and practically instead of just asking some written questions) child and measuring his/her psycho dynamic, cognitive, physical and the other mental, psychological, behavioral and social abilities are offered.

By doing so, the risk of wrong diagnosis gets down and the opportunity of using right system according to child's problem goes high.

dyslexia test

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